General Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShiftRx?

ShiftRx is a platform designed to address the healthcare staffing shortage. It connects verified healthcare providers with healthcare facilities that need coverage for PRN (as-needed) shifts, and short-term contracts.

How does ShiftRx use AI for tailored onboarding?

We collect information on the healthcare facilities systems, policies, procedures, and EHR/ EMR software system to create a customized onboarding process. Pharmacy professionals will be required to go through the facility’s workflow before arriving for their shifts. This ensures a smoother transition for new hires, reduces initial training time, and lessens the burden on existing staff.

How does ShiftRx ensure the quality and reliability of the temporary staff provided?

We use a thorough vetting process to ensure that all our providers are qualified with our licensure partner, Checkr. Our comprehensive training modules ensure the provider is familiar with your pharmacy’s softwares, policies and procedures before arriving. 

How does ShiftRx's pay compare to other per diem jobs or staffing agencies?

ShiftRx does not use any 3rd-party recruiters. This allows us to pay our providers more and charge the facilities less.

Where is ShiftRx available?

As of October 2023, we are live in Texas and California. However, we have plans for expansion that aim to cover all 50 states. The timing of our expansion into each state will be driven by the level of interest and demand from our waitlist. Follow us on social media and stay tuned for updates on our expansion journey!

Does ShiftRx take fees from the providers on shifts?

No, never. The only fee a provider will have to pay when using ShiftRx is for their background check, it’s a one-time $59.99 fee for the background check to ensure your licensing and credentialing is up to date. 

What is the cancellation policy for providers?

We have ratings in place for providers and facilities. If a provider or facility cancels at the last minute, it can affect their rating on the platform. If a provider no-calls and/or no-shows, their account will be suspended. They will be able to request a review through ShiftRx to get the suspension removed.

What information should I include in my profile to increase my chance of getting selected for shifts?

Since we do not use resumes, it’s essential to create a comprehensive and compelling profile. Your profile serves as your professional representation on the platform, and facilities will use it to evaluate your suitability for their available shifts. Some key pieces of information to include are: professional experience, education and licensure, work settings, skills and specializations, languages spoken, and a profile picture.

Is there a limit to the number of shifts I can apply for?

There is no limit, you can apply for as many shifts as you would like to. However, applying does not mean you’ll automatically be working the shift as the facilities have to approve your request.

Are there any prerequisites or qualifications required to apply for certain shifts?

Yes. Certain shifts on ShiftRx may have specific prerequisites or qualifications you would need to meet in order to apply. For example, some shifts may require experience in a specific specialty such as: compounding, retail, hospital, IV, MTM etc.

Can I pick-up remote shifts in a state I'm licensed in but, not currently living in?

Yes! However, it can vary based on the facilities needs. You will only be able to see shifts you are eligible to apply to in the future. Right now, you might be able to see shifts that are outside of your specialty, or credentialing however, if you apply for these the facility will not be able to see your profile if you do not meet the requirements.

When will I receive pay?

You will receive your payout the same day to your stripe account, after your shift is verified as worked / completed. Please note: Cash-out from Stripe is out of our control, and depends on your banks policies and procedures; if you're working a weekend shift and request a transfer from your stripe account, some bank accounts will not have funds appearing until the following business day.